Hainault House, Belgard

Renovation of the bathrooms of Henault House, Belgard

Doyle Interior System were contracted to design and fit a Toilet cubicle system with back panels. Also, design and fit vanity units. We created a very stylish and modern system as can be seen in the images.

We have used 28mm Laminate Cubicles and High-Pressure Laminate Vanity units to renovate the bathrooms in Hainault House, Belgard.


  • 28mm Laminate Panels 1500 long
  • 28 mm Laminate doors 650mm
  • 28 mm Laminate Pilasters 200mm
  • Stainless steel feet
  • Anodised hinges
  • Anodised Wall connection and head rails
  • Anodised locks
  • 6 – 10mm shadow gaps
  • Vanity Units
  • 12mm HPL top
  • 12mm HPL front panels